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Why buy a property in Gredos?

San Juan de Gredos
Why buy a property in Gredos?
The first and most important reason is because we will deal with your requirements for living with peace of mind: residency card, deal all with your housing costs, social security card...

Secondly, the province of Ávila has a rich and diverse cultural, natural and rural heritage. The climate is continental with a strong Mediterranean influence - enjoyed by inhabitants who also benefit from the third lowest population density in Spain.

Ávila is home to an extraordinarily beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. Besides being an area underdeveloped, it is nature at its purest: vital and exciting. The landscape too is deliciously varied, ranging from rocky mountains cut by rivers and streams to woodland and valley meadows. You can find all of this in an environment where, although nature's presence is decidedly more prominent than man's, the interaction between both is evident and constant. And despite Ávila's rugged, rural beauty, it is just two hours' drive from Madrid airport. All of this, together with the fact that it still is an area with promising property investment returns, combines to make Ávila the ideal place to seek real quality of life - and a well-earned, peaceful rest after a hard day's work.

In all, if you do want the value, equity and other benefits associated with owning a property around the north of Ávila´s Gredos mountain range, don´t hesitate to request any furhter information. Otherwise, if you are keen just on the idea of owning a property, but don't want the hassle of having to look after it, while you are not around we offer the possibiity of taking care of your property, and even renting it.

“Do you know Gredos...
It is a big area and very wild”
Ernest Hemingway

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